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Yet Another mkInitRD
Yaird generates initial boot images in initramfs format.
The boot image is an intermediate step between the boot loader
(eg Grub, Lilo) and the init scripts on the root file system;
it loads modules and enables devices to a level where the kernel
can access the real root file system, and then hands over control
to the init scripts.
Compared with earlier implementations like mkinitrd, it does a
better job of deciding which modules are needed for your system,
so it produces smaller images and there is less risk of making
an image that will not boot. This comes at a price:
only Linux 2.6 is supported (because 2.6 has sysfs, which makes
it a lot easier to do a hardware inventory).
See mkinitrd.yaird(8) for how to activate the program.
See http://wiki.debian.org/InitrdReplacementOptions for status and
comparison with other ramdisk tools.
Homepage: http://yaird.alioth.debian.org/
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